Mascotas Bienvenidas


Eat out and go shopping without having to leave your pet at home


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Pet owners often find themselves having to leave their furry friends at home because they're not allowed to enter shops and restaurants. To remedy this problem, Mascotas Bienvenidas (Pets Welcome) is a fantastic app to find locations where you can bring your dogs and cats along.

If you have a pet and want to find out which shops and restaurants in your town will let him inside, this app will show you lists of locations organized by category, thus allowing you to run your errands without leaving your pet at home.

Among the different categories you can find hundreds of bars, restaurants, public spaces, diners, beaches, lodgings, even shoe stores or bookshops – basically, any shop that can meet your needs. You can do your search by going through the categorized list, or by searching the name of your town to see all the establishments on the map. When you click on each location, you'll see the exact address and the type of animals they accept.

In short, you'll no longer have to leave your dog or cat behind to go shopping, since Mascotas Bienvenidas lets you spend an entire day with your pet without having to leave it at home or with friends or family.